Hurricane Damage Insurance Claim

Hurricane Damage Insurance ClaimWith the number of devastating and historic hurricanes in recent years, including Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Maria and Superstorm Sandy, many property owners were faced with insufficient insurance coverage.

Clearly understanding your residential and commercial insurance policy before a hurricane strikes is essential to making a speedy and successful hurricane damage insurance claim.

Hurricanes are especially complicated due to the types and extent of damage to your property. Are you aware of these key points?


  • You are responsible for securing your commercial property from unauthorized entry.
  • You are also responsible for mitigating additional property damage.
  • Does your policy include windstorm deductible?
  • What is your mold coverage?
  • Do you have debris removal coverage?
  • What does your business interruption insurance policy cover?
  • Do you have extra expense coverage? If so, is it enough to cover the costs of a business relocation, cleanup operations, and other moving expenses?

Atlantic Insurance Adjusters can help answer these questions and reduce the stress of dealing with hurricane damage to your home or business. Consider hiring a public adjuster to handle your claim and ensure the maximum settlement and help you, your family, and your business recover as quickly as possible.

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