Commercial Building Fire in Long Branch, NJ Results in Total Loss

Long Branch NJ Commercial Building FireOn February 13, 2012, Long Branch, New Jersey experienced one of the worst fires ever in the city’s history. A commercial building fire broke out and spread to several other adjacent buildings.

Smoke could be seen from miles away. The fire was so devastating that the city ordered several buildings to be demolished immediately after the fire, including that of AIA’s client.



AIA was retained by the building owner where the fire originated. The building was complete rubble. AIA had the task of preparing a claim for a building where there were no plans or drawings to ascertain what existed of the building prior to the fire.  


AIA contacted one their experienced building consultants to prepare a replacement cost estimate. This estimate had to take into account every detail as to what existed of the building prior to the fire. Anything left out would cost our client. Pre-loss photos were obtained and thoroughly reviewed. Interviews with the building owner and tenants were conducted to obtain as many details as possible. An estimate to replace the building to pre-loss condition was subsequently prepared and presented to the insurance company.


With a well-prepared and detailed estimate in hand, AIA was able to successfully negotiate a favorable settlement with the insurance company that left little room for doubt. AIA also recovered lost rental income on behalf of the building owner as well.


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