Residential Insurance Claims

If a disaster strikes your home, whether it be fire, water, storm or theft damage, it can be an overwhelming experience for you, the homeowner. Your first call maybe to your insurance broker, but your second call should definitely be to a qualified and licensed Public Adjuster. Just like you would never walk into a courtroom without a lawyer, you should never try to settle your insurance claim without a Public Adjuster on your side.

As licensed Public Adjusters, Atlantic Insurance Adjusters work exclusively for you, the policyholder, to negotiate your residential insurance claims so you recover everything you are entitled to under the terms of your policy. We have a team of residential insurance claim experts that will prepare your claim, assist with restoration and recovery of your damage property (if necessary), manage the rebuilding process and negotiate with your insurance carrier to ensure you receive the maximum settlement as quickly as possible.

For over 20 years, Atlantic Insurance Adjusters has settled over 1,000 residential insurance claims, recovering over $150,000,000 for our clients. We have expertise in several types of claims should misfortune befall you, and you can rest assured that AIA has the experience and the team to handle your loss.

Each of these claim types presents its own set of challenges when it comes to documenting your residential insurance claim. Retaining an experienced adjuster that has successfully negotiated similar claims can be the difference between maximum loss recovery and accepting a sub-par offer from your insurer.

It is important to note that insurance companies don’t just show up with a big check because your house has been damaged by a covered loss. The onus is on you, the homeowner, to fight for everything you have coming to you under the terms of your policy. When disaster strikes, the insurance company brings their team to bear on your loss: adjusters, building engineers, & claims managers and supervisors. They represent the insurance company, not you. Who will you have on your side?

AIA brings its team of loss specialist to every claim, including adjusters, remediation contractors, content experts and building estimators. Our team bring local expertise and an unwavering commitment to you, the homeowner and policy holder, on every claim.

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