Water Damage Insurance Claim

Water Damage Insurance ClaimRepairing water damage to your property can be a costly and monumental task. From broken plumbing pipes, overflowing toilets, and frozen pipes that have burst, water can cause extensive damage to your home or business.

Other damage can be caused by hidden pipe breaks, pipe breaks below your slab (slab leaks), shower pan leaks, backed up a/c line, hot water line break, ice maker supply line break, overflowing shower, or overflowing sink.


What should you do when you discover water damage?

Follow these tips before you make your claim:

  • Take photos and make notes of time, date, and visible damage to the property and belongings.
  • Shut off water and remove any carpet and padding that has potential for mold growth.
  • Contact a professional remediation company as soon as possible to dry out the walls and the internal cavities of the walls to avoid mold growth.
  • Save any broken pipes or sprinkler heads just in case the insurance company wants to look at them to determine the cause of damage.
  • Keep originals (or copies) of all documents and receipts regarding your water damage.

If you are making a water damage insurance claim, let Atlantic Insurance Adjusters ensure your claim is properly documented and filed. When we inspect your property, we will look for all of the damage caused by your plumbing or pipe burst claim that your insurance company may have overlooked.

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