Business Interruption Insurance Claim

Business Interruption Insurance ClaimWhen your business operations are interrupted by unexpected events, financial recovery can take months to years. Having business interruption insurance can provide protection from fire, storm, water or any other natural disaster that affects your business.

Profits, utility expenses, and relocation expenses are typically covered with business interruption insurance.


When you buy a policy, make sure it provides enough coverage, since your business could sustain a prolonged cessation of revenue-producing activities. The policy cost is related to the nature and location of your business and how easily you can operate a relocated business.

Atlantic Insurance Adjusters can help people who have insured property losses and have submitted business interruption insurance claims. If you file a claim under your business interruption policy, be aware you may need extensive documentation, including tax returns, recent sales, utility payments, loan obligations and other financial material.

You also need to submit documentation of the steps you have taken to reopen your business in a new location, such as a new lease, moving costs, and utility bills.

Atlantic Insurance Adjusters can provide expert advice and guidance to help you file your business interruption insurance claim and receive the necessary financial assistance that allows you to continue your business operations.

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