Flood Damage Insurance Claim

flood damageFlooding is one of the most devastating and widespread occurrences; most commonly caused by an overflow of a body of water. An intense storm such as a hurricane or nor’easter can cause the ocean to breach their barriers, lakes and streams to overflow, or streets to flood from excessive rainfall in a short period of time.

The flood damage to your home, business or commercial property can be devastating when anywhere from several inches or feet of water consume your entire property and belongings.

Losses caused by flood are excluded by most insurance policies. You either need an endorsement to your policy adding flood as a covered peril, or purchase flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program.

Flood claims, by their nature, are more complex and difficult to adjust. Waters have to recede and demolishing and drying need to take place right away, as mold commonly ensues after a flood loss.

Policies written through the National Flood Insurance Program do not offer the same benefits as a typical residential or commercial policy, and require a detailed knowledge of their policy forms.

Atlantic Insurance Adjusters, being based on the Jersey Shore, has certainly been exposed to a vast amount of flood losses. Our experience in navigating the flood damage insurance claim process is unparalleled in the industry. If you suffered a flood loss, let our team help navigate this complex claim process on your behalf.

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