Maximum Claim Settlement For Your Property Loss

We are one of the country’s most experienced public adjusting firms.

Do You Know What Your Insurance Claim Is Worth?

Have you experienced unreasonable delays, low settlement offers and unjustified denials when filing an insurance claim?

Atlantic Insurance Adjusters is one of the country’s most experienced public adjusting firms. Our public adjusters ensure you receive a fair and complete equitable claim settlement in the most efficient way possible.

We help you avoid the most common mistakes during the business or home insurance claim process.

Most Common Insurance Claim Mistakes:

  • Underestimating the amount of damage.
  • Overlooking hidden areas of damage.
  • Misinterpretation of policy terms.
  • Misapplication of policy benefits.
  • Failure to seek expert advice to substantiate a claim.
  • Lack of knowledge regarding legal precedent & building codes.

Types Of Insurance Claims We Handle

Atlantic Insurance Adjusters provides public adjusting services for residential and commercial insurance claims.

We are dedicated to helping a broad range of home, business, and commerical property owners get a fast and fair settlement with the least possible amount of stress.

We Are New Jersey’s Most Experienced Public Adjusting Firm

We have been managing residential and commercial property loss insurance claims since 2000 and are licensed in NJ, NY, CT, NC, SC, ME, FL, & TX, with affiliations throughout the country.

Our public adjusters make sure that every detail is covered, all deadlines are met and that everything is done properly. We will be with you throughout the entire process until your check is in your hands.

We Are Property Loss Experts:

  • We represent your interests, not those of the insurance company.
  • Receive a free initial consultation about your property loss.
  • Identify damage the insurance company missed.
  • Negotiate for the maximum claim settlement.
  • Remove the stress of handling the claim.

If you have a question or would like to request a free consultation about you home, business, or commercial property loss, call us Toll Free at 888-817-3473 or use the contact form below.